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Who is Ravi Chaudhary, first Indian-origin assist. secretary of US Air Force? - Nepal Rastra Khabar
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Who is Ravi Chaudhary, first Indian-origin assist. secretary of US Air Force?

Ravi Chaudhary won by a vote of 65-29 and became part of one of the top civilian leadership positions in the Pentagon.

On March 15, The United States Senate confirmed Ravi Chaudhary, an Indian-American, as the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Installations, and the Environment. Chaudhary won the mandate with a vote of 65-29, making him one of the top civilian leaders in the Pentagon. He is the first Indian-American to serve in this position.

Chaudhary’s nomination was supported by US Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), who released a statement congratulating him on his achievement. She shared that Chaudhary had dreamed of serving the United States as an Air Force pilot and that he had dedicated his career to public service.

Who is Ravi Chaudhary?
Chaudhary served as an active-duty Air Force pilot for over two decades, between 1993 and 2015. He conducted numerous combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq during this time. After his retirement from military service, Chaudhary served as a senior official within the Regions and Center Operations and Office of Commercial Space at the Federal Aviation Administration for five years. He was also appointed by President Obama to serve on the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

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